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Fast and flexible Loan and savings Process

The seamless process allows you to get business loans without stress or hassles and also save consistently allowing you focus on your business.

No credit collateral

As long as you have an existing credible business, you are good to go. Loans will be disbursed to you.

Flexible repayment

With very little documentation, our loans are customised to have an easy repayment system to ease your burdens.

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Business Loans and Working Capital

A working capital loan that helps you in running everyday operations. These loans usually cover recurring expenses such as payments to suppliers, staff salaries etc. Our working capital loans help offset your working expenses during a low sales / revenue period. We have combined the best features of several types of such loans to create an offering which is suited for Nigerian SMEs and start-ups.

Shaping the Future of Financial Services together

A service that combines all the attributes favoured by small businesses who seek access to credit; it is simple, inexpensive and devoid of unnecessary paperwork and legalese

The first priority is always you

We assist businesses like yours in growing and thriving. We provide flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to working capital. We are always available to help.

Small business is what we do

The challenges faced by small businesses are unique. Our innovative products are designed to address these challenges. Using our products, you can move fast and with confidence.

It's all about simplicity for us

More than 6000 customers trust us with their data. Be assured that your requests will be processed quickly so that you can focus on your business. No hidden fees.

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