What is the Difference Between a Working Capital and Term Loan?

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Today we shall be talking about the difference between a working capital and Term loan. Like today for instance, most businesses need help with financing their company/ business at any given point in time. Either they are looking at scaling inventories or trying to cover payroll until a big deal is closed, they often need […]

7 Reasons Your Business Loan Was Rejected

Getting a business loan can be sometimes difficult but, seen from the creditor’s point of view, you can understand why. Obtaining a business loan for your small business can be frustrating, especially if is for first-time business owners who don’t know the process.  The increasing amount of funding possibilities that may be obtainable will be […]

3 Types of small business loans

For business owners who need access to cash, a small business loan will help them out. But it is best to know the right type of loan to apply for.  Choosing the wrong type of loan may get you stuck and waiting for months to receive funds when you actually need them fast. Small business […]